About Us

Rancho Santa Fe Motor Club and Storage has moved to a new location!  Our new location is in North County Coastal, 5 minutes from our old location in Vista.  We have space for up to 15 vehicles and currently have a few more spots available.

We are no longer offering our car club space as an event venue, which allows our car club members more exclusivity and privacy as well.  The quality of car care and security is still our top priority.

Our new members lounge, although scaled down from our original site, still offers our members a full beverage bar, Sonos music system, WI-FI and HD TV.

Rancho Santa Fe Motor Storage and Club is an indoor storage facility designed for the most discerning clients and their valuable classic and exotic vehicles.  Security, discretion, luxury and access (including a 24-hour phone App for visibility of the storage area) are standard features of our unique motor storage and club.

We offer “very competitive storage rates” and feel that a personal meeting at our facility will allow you to see the distinctive services we provide to our discerning clients.

We tailor our storage services to our clients needs. Our rates are based on the space you need for your vehicle as well as your specific maintenance and care requirements.

Call today for a private tour and to meet our team.

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Our Vision

We offer a unique and exquisite “Auto-Curator” experience for our prized collectors, their world-class collections, and all auto enthusiast.  Our luxurious, Triple Tyco facility prides itself on attention to detail and outstanding customer concierge service.  Let your passion drive you.


Our Mission:

To foster and expand our Club and storage membership, offering collectors and enthusiast alike – locally, nationally, and internationally – a place to share their passion for automobiles.  At Rancho Santa Fe Motor Club & Storage security and privacy and the care of concours level collections are our specialty.