Luxury Facility

Main Lounge

Our member’s lounge provides a warm and friendly gathering place for “Auto-Centric” members. Our lounge seats 44 members which has a full beverage bar, Sonos music system, multiple HD TV’s, complementary wi-fi, DVD’s players, Conference rooms equipped skype capabilities and private offices where members join with other car aficionados for special events and gatherings.

Second Lounge

We have a second member’s lounge, within the 17,000 sq. ft warehouse, designed for private wine and cigar lockers. Independent bathrooms and bar services are available in this space. We have planned this secure space for about 20 card players, anytime up to 24 hours a day with a secured reservation. Always remember management controls access to the garage independent from the yard and lounge areas.

Storage/Event Areas

Each warehouse is fully insulated, floors are diamond ground to 2000 grit surface, and walls are all painted with motion detectors, full 24 hours a day security cameras with 30-day film recordings. We have backup batteries for recording incase of emergency. We maintain accurate film recordings every time your car enters or leaves our facility. Each member has an access code to enter the triple protected club property:

(1)Code to enter the fully fenced parking are for about 60 to 80 cars.

(2)Code to enter the club lounge

(3)Code to enter the viewing garage

We control access on the premises from a remote terminal. Each full membership is given an iPhone or Droid app so they can see or monitor their cars 24 hours a day. We want you to always have visual access anytime you want.

The main viewing garage is about 17,000 sq. ft. Here you can show off your pride and joy without entering the space. This area is exclusive for full membership members. If you don’t house a vehicle you are not permitted to walk among the cars without a member or club management present. The ceilings are 28ft high with three Ballard protected roll up 14×16 metal doors. The space also has a transportation loading dock with a totally fenced and double-gated yard. All areas are fully camera monitored.

The second private garage is approximately 13,000 sq. ft. and ceilings are about 26 ft. tall. The Ballard protected roll up doors, are 14ft. wide and 16ft high. We have private entrances and only those members who store vehicles in this area are allowed in the space. This is a totally private garage.

The second space is reserved of members who prefer to keep their autos clearly off limits to the viewing public. Here you can also store your spare parts or items that you want locked up for only your use. We have pallet racks 3 and 4 feet wide up to 16ft high with load carrying beams up to 4000 pounds. We are here to meet our member’s requirements.